Get a website for your company
Get a website for your company
Get a website for your company 1500.00 AED 2,142.86 AED

Get a website for your company on MTJRY cloud based platform with an easy to use control panel in both Arabic and English languages.


Corporate informational websites offer many advantages and benefits, among which are:

Online Presence: Having an informational website allows the company to have a presence online, aiding in increasing access to potential audiences and expanding the customer base.

Enhancing Visual Identity: The informational website helps in boosting the brand identity of the company by using distinctive colors, logos, and designs that align with the company s vision.

Showcasing Products and Services: Companies can display their products and services on the informational website, facilitating customer attraction and increasing sales.

Providing Comprehensive Information: The informational website can provide comprehensive information about the company, its history, experiences, team, and more, increasing the credibility of the company in the eyes of potential customers.

Increasing Interaction and Communication: Customers can interact directly with the company through the informational website, whether through contact numbers, email, or social media channels.

Improving User Experience: The informational website aims to provide a seamless and comfortable user experience, increasing customer satisfaction and enhancing the likelihood of interaction with the company.

Global Reach: The informational website can reach a global audience, allowing the company the opportunity to expand into international markets and increase the global spread of its brand.

In summary, having an informational website for companies is an essential tool for building relationships with customers, increasing brand awareness, and achieving success in the modern digital market.

Getting your company website on MTJRY Cloud base platform give you the following features:

Easy-to-use Dashboard: The dashboard is user-friendly and includes both Arabic and English languages.

Speed of Completion: The completion time is only a few minutes and its automated within few clicks.

Logo Upload: Users can upload their company logo to their informational website, helping to enhance the visual identity of the brand and increase recognition.

Website Color Customization: The website provides the feature to customize colors according to the brand s colors or user preferences, allowing them to adapt the overall appearance of the website to suit their marketing strategies.

Adding Pages: The website allows the addition of new pages and customization according to user needs, allowing for the display of additional information about services, products, or any other relevant information.

Adding Products: The system also allows you to create sections and upload product images and information in both Arabic and English languages with ease.

Editing and Deleting: Users can easily edit and update the website content, including adding new information or changing the current content, as well as deleting pages or information at any time through the control panel.

With these features, you can have a dynamic and responsive informational website for your company on MTJRY Cloud platform, allowing you to effectively showcase your products or services and engage with your audience in both Arabic and English languages.

The price of this package is 1500 AED (includes a Free domain name for the first year)

Renewal Price is  500 AED yearly (domain name is not included).