Types of products that you can sell in your online store

In e commerce products can be classified into three main types:

1 Evergreen Products:

Evergreen products are items with continuous and year round demand. They are not tied to a specific time frame and maintain their popularity over time.

Examples include:

  • Basic clothing items like T shirts and jeans.
    • Household essentials such as cleaning products and kitchen tools.
      • Electronics like smartphones tablets and headphones.
        • Daily consumables like personal care items and groceries.

        2 Seasonal Products:

        Seasonal products have demand that depends on specific times of the year such as holiday seasons celebrations weather conditions or cultural events. They experience fluctuations in sales according to the seasons.

        Examples include:

        • Winter clothing and skiing equipment in demand during the winter season.
          • Holiday decorations and gifts selling well during holiday seasons.
            • Swimwear and beachwear popular in the summer.
              • Back to school supplies with seasonal demand before the start of the school year.

              3 Trending Products:

              Trending products experience peak demand due to current trends or cultural phenomena. They may have short lived peaks in demand and may not always be popular.

              Examples include:

              • Fidget spinners a popular but short lived toy trend.
                • Pop culture related products like movie merchandise TV shows or famous events.
                  • Fashion items that are in the spotlight for a certain period such as specific types of shoes or clothing.
                    • Health and wellness products that gain attention due to emerging trends like dietary supplements or fitness equipment.

                    Successful e commerce companies often balance their product offerings to include a mix of evergreen seasonal and trending products. Evergreen products provide a steady source of income while seasonal and trending products can bring in additional revenue during specific periods.