Starting a business in Dubai

If you intend to start a business in Dubai here are important steps to begin your successful journey:

  • Visit the Invest in Dubai website and follow the registration guidelines at the following link: .
    • Choose a business name: Begin your business journey by Picking a registered business name or registering a new one in accordance with local regulations.
      • Specify business activities: Define the primary and secondary business activities you wish to engage in. You can also choose optional secondary activities if they are relevant to your business.
        • Initial details of parties involved: Specify the number and nationalities of license parties if applicable. If you dont have partners you can skip this step.
          • Pick the legal form: Compare available legal forms and choose the one that best suits your business needs.
            • Determine license type: Pick the type of license that suits your business activity. You may need to choose from different types.
              • License details: Enter license details such as location capital and company duration.
                • License parties details: Provide details of your partners local service agent and managers.
                  • Initial approvals: Some license types may require initial approvals before submitting the final license application.
                    • Specify location: Some licenses may require you to input the location where you intend to operate.
                      • Legal documents: Submit the required legal documents to officially establish and register your business.
                        • Obtain the final license: Once all conditions and requirements are met you will receive the final license and you can commence your business activities.
                          • Additional approvals: Some business activities may require additional approvals from external authorities.

                          With adherence to the procedures and necessary preparations you will be ready to embark on your entrepreneurial journey in Dubai.

                          Best of luck with your new business venture.